Management Reporting

SERKO Online
Voyage Affaires utilises one of the world’s most advanced and secure online business travel management solution.

SERKO enables you, our clients, should you wish, to manage your own travel arrangements no matter where in the world you may be.

SERKO is designed to be fully compliant with our clients' travel policies.
These travel policies together with the personal profiles of any regular travellers are stored in SERKO. This key client data is then downloaded into our reservation system at the time of booking to ensure important information such as frequent flyer miles, preferred seating arrangements, hotels and rental cars and dietary requirements are acted upon.

Client Reporting

SERKO provides a range of business management reports designed to help streamline a company's travel expenditure.

The system provides a complete audit trail and history of all client reservations and is GST compliant.

Our Reports Include

Travel Expenditure Summaries
Savings Made Analysis
Days Away Summary
Supplier Analysis
Traveller Activity Summary
  Platinum Chauffeur Drive
Check My Trip
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